Slinger is an excellent assistive technology device for persons with disabilities & seniors.

Check out the Blind Life review of Slinger and how it benefits people with disabilities and seniors.

Slinger is an excellent assistive technology device for persons with disabilities & seniors.

Persons with disabilities require assistive technology devices that improve the quality of their lives by combining safety, convenience, and enhanced usability features in an all-in-one device.

The lanyard can be worn, hung up, or held. Slinger™ combines your phone and wallet into one so you don’t have to carry multiple items, and doubles as a supportive kickstand for video calls, watching videos, or reading documents. Slinger prevents loss, damage from drops, and theft. It’s truly all you need.

Young woman in a wheelchair smiling for the camera in the middle of a city scene, with a Slinger and mobile phone around her neck

Who we are at our core

Right from the start, we knew right from the start that Slinger™ was more than “this season’s newest phone accessory.” Staying true to our roots, Slinger has proven itself to be an invaluable tool for older people and people with disabilities.

With the advent of the internet, advanced robotics, cutting edge biological electronics integration, and artificial intelligence, the field of Assistive Technology is advancing at a breathtaking rate. Individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities who may otherwise have been left behind in this fast-paced modern life can increasingly participate in ways never thought possible.

Keep it Simple Slinger (K.I.S.S.)

Notwithstanding cutting edge and sophisticated technologies like implants and robotics, many of the advances in Assistive Technology have come from software applications on smartphones and wearable internet-based electronics.

But no matter how effective and helpful a smartphone app may be for someone with a particular disability, it does them no good if they lose or drop their phone – or if due to the nature of their disability, they cannot hold or operate their phone in the first place.


Stop holding it...

And that is where Slinger™ comes in. Slinger™ is the simple solution to a complex problem that makes everything else possible. For example, there are phenomenal applications and portable devices to help people with low vision navigate their day-to-day lives. But if those individuals also rely on a walking stick and guide dog, their hands are just too full to use those amazing apps. Not the case with Slinger™. They can wear those vital devices around their necks, with the applications running, all while keeping their hands free for other important tasks.

People who use wheelchairs face similar challenges. Setting your smartphone in your lap increases the chances of dropping it. Holding it occupies one of your hands that could otherwise be used to propel yourself or operate another more important assistive device. Just wear your Slinger™ and maximize the use of all your assistive technologies.


The Slinger™ Solution

So then why use Slinger and not just a pink fuzzy sock with shoestrings?. The power of Slinger is that it’s everything you need, only when you need it. Fixed length lanyards break, they get caught on things, and when not being used, they make the phone bulky and difficult to hold. For those reasons we designed the Slinger lanyard to retract back inside the case when not in use.

Once we figured out the retraction system, we realized we could incorporate a wallet that also doubled as a vertical and horizontal kickstand – consolidating separate items into one. Next we realized by just slightly modifying the shape of the upper corners, we could achieve different hanging angles (horizontal and vertical). All the while, we focused on keeping Slinger as small and streamlined as possible.

Look good doing it

Our last guiding philosophy that sets us apart from a fixed-length lanyard or fuzzy sock with shoestring is our underlying belief that truly good design looks good too. Hence, we have created a platform that allows limitless interchangeable accessorizing and stylizing: gold chain straps, silver keychain clips, multi-colored cloth straps and covers.

Show it off, or subdue it, Slinger™ is the multi-functional phone chameleon that’s everything you need, only when you need it, and can be transformed in look and function in the blink of an eye.


No Assistive Technology is complete without a Slinger™.