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Slinger™ is a multi-functional phone accessory that attaches directly to your phone or case.


Adjustable Retracting Lanyard

Our patented design features a retractable phone lanyard that allows for hands-free use, and minimizes the risk of dropping or losing your phone. Adjust the length to wear your phone over your shoulder like a purse, across your body, or around your neck. Extend the lanyard when you need it and retract it when you don’t.

Full-Size Wallet

The Slinger™ wallet can easily hold up to four cards and/or cash. The clear cover also allows for ID badge display.



The wallet doubles as a durable kickstand that provides sturdy support vertically and horizontally.

Hang it up.

Go hands-free while keeping an eye on your phone screen with the ability to hang your phone right-side up, upside down, or sideways.


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