Necessity may be the mother of invention, but for Slinger™ it was the grandmother. While needing a way to hold her phone while working in the garden, Grandma slid her phone into a pink fuzzy sock, draped it around her neck with a shoelace, and Slinger™ was born.

And it was a good thing too. Not only did Grandma’s Slinger help her carry her phone, it ended up being a lifesaver too. One day while working alone in her garden she fell and was only able to call for help because she had her phone with her.

From Sling to Slinger

In keeping with Grandma’s inspired ingenuity and simplicity of design, we at Slinger are committed to manufacturing high-quality innovative products that make living life better, and may even save a life.

Starting from Grandma’s sock and a shoestring, the patented Slinger has been designed from the ground up to be sleek, functional, durable, and personally customizable. Slinger™ is ever present, like a good friend ready to lend a helping hand, but non-intrusive. Slinger™ is there when you need it, and out of the way when you don’t.

Every part has been designed to perform multiple functions, and look good doing it. You won’t find another product in the world like Slinger, and we are just getting started…